how-to-avoid-street-crimes-in-pakistan crime in Pakistan latest

Street crimes like snatching of mobiles phones, cars, gold ornaments etc. Are burning question nowadays, not only in Pakistan but all around the globe? Increasing lawlessness in cities become the alarming problem everywhere. Despite debates numerous on the issue the problem remain unsolved.

The first thing that should be noted is that street crimes are different from traditional crimes in the sense that they are mostly not committed by professional criminals. Researches have shown that the people who commit such crimes are simple native looking souls who tired of prolong poverty indulge in such activities. The main reason for this is the widening difference between rich and poor. In the past the rich people helped or cared the poor peoples, which created the strong bond between the two classes of the society. Unfortunately, the situation is reversed. The ethical values seems to have faded away. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer day by day.

Another reason of street crimes is the habit of showing off. When the lower class people look at the magnificent jewelry, beautiful cars, brand new advance mobile sets, there heart throbs for their luxuries, which they cannot afford. Thus they resort to illegal means attaining there amenities.

The most important reason of street crimes is the ratio of unemployment. Inflation and low salaries to the police force produce some accomplices in the street crime. A good majority of Pakistani people live below poverty lines that also faster the crimes.

In order to bring an end this evil we must educate our society because only educate and literate can make up a strong and peaceful nation. We must also build a strong family fabric. The parents should give time to their children and make them aware of the negative effects of these crimes.

In order to discourage the people from opting this way of earning we need to have a check on our spending. Instead of wasting money on extravagant clothes and shoes, we should save our money for a rainy day.

Surveillances cameras should be installed at all street corners to assist the police for catching the culprits. The black sheep with in the police force should be detected and serious action should be taken against them. For complete wiping out the social evils from our society, we need to revert back to the basics of Islam. If the golden principles of equality, moderation, justice and peace are adopted, it would soon show the good results. May god helps up in our fight against the evil or this world with honesty and sincerity.

Bureaucracy of armed forces, civil servants, judges, lawyers and general public be briefed about basic duties of a person towards his fellowmen and fear of Allah be revoked in their hearts as they are accountable to Him for every misdeed we have to be optimistic at every step of live, Insha’Allah, everything will be all right with the passage of time.




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