India Being A Hegemonic State

India can be termed with a number of labels such as emerging power, global power, great power, or it could be termed as major power and regional power.Since India’s independence being a hegemonic state its behavior towards its minorities and Muslims has been non-friendly and aggressive.

The Indian government is treating Indian minorities in a very cruel way. BJP’s government is the cruelest regime which represents Hindu Fundamentalists whose moto is to establish RAM RAJ in the country.



Protest: The Congress MLA’s outburst seemed to be inspired by protests by Sikhs against Rahul Gandhi’s statement that some of his party leaders could have been involved in the 1984 violence. Here, a Sikh protester is stopped by policemen outside the Congress headquarters in Delhi

There are hundreds of riots against minorities like Muslims and Christians since 15th August 1947, The Hindu fundamentalists demolished hundreds of mosques and churches with the support of government. The most hateful action by Indian government against Muslims was the Babri Mosque in December 1992; Babri Mosque was demolished by the Hindu Fundamentalists with an aim to build Ram Mandor at that place.

At the time of partition of India in 1947 the Sikh community supported and cooperated with the Hindu. But India took over the state of Hyderabad with force against the wish of its ruler.

The conflict between Indian government and the Sikh started in, 1984. The Indian army attacked and occupied the Golden Temple Amritsar and a large number of other Sikh Gordawaras in Punjab and killed hundreds of Sikhs.

India always created trouble in Sri Lanka with the help of Tamil Tiger. It is also involved in terrorist activities in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Pakistan because it wants its role as hegemonic power in South Asian region.

Pakistan supports the right of Kashmiri’s to decide whether they want to join Pakistan or India, while India is killing and torturing Muslims in Kashmir who wants independence.

ISI is always blamed for sponsoring terrorist activities in India. When different terrorist attacks took place like Mumbai attacks and Samjhauta Express, India blamed Pakistan to be responsible for them. Swami Aseemanand was the mastermind behind the Samjhauta express blasts this evidence was claimed by India’s National Investigation Agency and Satish Verma former Indian investigator of Home Minister had disclosed that Indian governments staged terror attack on Lok Sabha and the 26/11 carnage in Mumbai by a member of  the secret service team.

If India government wants to make its country a civilized state it will have to change its behavior towards its neighbours as well as minorities. If India continues its injustice and hegemonic policies it would justly be known as the rigid state of Hindus.

written by:Kaba Nayab